Interesting Details


The elevator was enlarged. For each floor there is a special, personalized, security code.

The fire hose cover we created has a unique art deco motive embossed in glass. You are looking at the 4th iteration.

After a lengthy evolution the elegant mail boxes were manufactured in brass with a design that allowed for security while permitting easy visualization of received correspondence.

The entrance door was removed, and after a lengthy and costly restoration brought back to its original grandeur.

The walls of the staircase were painted in several shades and colors before reaching our objective.

The frescoes on every floor were lovingly and patiently restored bringing the protagonists back to life.

Much of the gold that you see in the house and on the facade contains real gold.

Party Room

The party room is an original and unique creation, inspired by the elegant London gentleman clubs.

Every part of the party room was built on site and most elements are unique.

All the light switches in the common areas are produced in Belgium. Because of their unique design – they have been humorously christened “boys and girls”.

The assorted light fixtures provide infinite alternatives to set the desired ambience.

Not only is the party room air conditioned, the adjoining secret wine room is temperature controlled to maintain the wine in optimum condition.

Every detail of the washrooms, the black mirror doors or the special hardware – is done with taste while the mirror above the sink will provide you a final surprise after a gentle touch from the right side of its frame.

The well equipped kitchen has also been designed to the highest standards and facilitates your caterer’s food preparation.


In order to realise the desired pattern you now enjoy, the Travertine Classico tiles were prepared on the ground floor, the slates painstakingly selected, numbered and replicated in the Travertini Spa area.

The black mirror glass heating elements are functional sculptures.

The elegant mechanism used for the three main glass doors are evocative of a precision Swiss watch.

Added touches include the hidden waterfall in the shower, the lit Rivergate lettering to hang your robe.

The enclosed marble and glass sauna forms a luxurious and tasteful environment.

We hope the effort, care, attention and expense will provide you with the serenity we tried to create for the relaxation room.

The golden gong has an organic soul reflected every quarter hour by its chime. It will also illuminate at random intervals in its own mysterious way depending on its mood.

Whether you are in the party room, gym or in the relax area, you can personalize the music with the built in wireless system using your smart phone.

The search for the brass ladder into the pool was long, extensive but ultimately rewarding. It complements the golden tiles and drain covers.

The counter current jet in the pool satisfies long distance swimming for all swimming levels.

You can adjust the lighting in the pool to reflect your actual mood.


The logo was created to reflect beauty, elegance, and uniqueness.

For the entire gestation we had our very dedicated architect living in and with the building.

New technologies permitted us to increase the cubic volume in the attic penthouse without sacrificing the acoustics.

The exquisite brass intercom compliments the facade.

We replaced the Municipality’s asphalt sidewalk with the signature Prague stone sidewalk along the entire perimeter of the front and side facade.

The understated exterior lighting unites the two buildings and highlights some of the unique architectural details of the facade.