Residence description

The project and its location

Residence Rivergate, Janáčkovo nábřeží Nº 23+25, Prague 5

These two gorgeous apartment buildings are from the burgeoning Art Nouveau period. Their perfect form corresponding with the era of their construction, have been restored through the enlightened collaboration of the architect and the investor. Inside, they are refurbished and at the vanguard of modern technology satisfying even the most demanding customer of our 21st century.

The historical architectural motifs of both houses date back to 1904. They stand in the south part of Janáčkovo nábřeží and are the creations of Ferdinand Šamonil (Nº 23) and Bedřich Štěrba (Nº 25), renowned designers of their day. The corner building, appealingly combines brickwork with smooth renders and is lavishly decorated with oriels, balconies and arcades topped with gables decorated in sculpture. Textured ornaments adorn the walls above the windows, the balcony railings and cornices. The neighboring house, now newly interconnected, has a dominantly smooth render, embellished with ornaments on balcony railings, above windows and in the strip below the cordon cornices.

The core idea of the exhaustive renovation was immediately clear: retain all that is native to the structure and thus original whilst fully respecting its genius loci. This prestige address, Janáčkovo Nábřeží Nº 23, is situated at the most beautiful and desirable part of the left bank of the Vltava river. Great effort was put into the remodeling of all elements of the building – without compromise – to reach the quality of the original. The renewed facade of both buildings, including its ornamented elements, revealed and enhanced the structural perfection of the entire residence, crowned by the main entrance. All the gilded elements used in the interior of both houses fully correspond to the spirit of the florid Art Nouveau.

The invisible luxury installed in the residence is the result of the highest technology, which the former creators did not have at their disposal, for instance, the whole underground level is run by exquisitely modern electronics with high power processors and ubiquitous sensors to add to your comfort and security.

Details and design

The details and the final design are the most important facet of the whole reconstruction of this resplendent residence on Janáček´s bank at Smíchov. All the furnishing and facilities of these two Art Nouveau buildings – from the entrance frames to the apartments themselves or the switches on the walls – are either restated from the originals, acquired at specialized workshops, or commissioned according to the original design of the architect, and sourced to secure the highest quality both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The private, below ground facilities are undeniably one of the most striking parts of the building in terms of luxury, technological solutions or the character of the design. This area offers the service expected at the highest levels of luxury; the interiors are dominated by stone, gold, brass and glass.

The architect examined ten European quarries, to finally settle for the most impressive one at Tivoli, close to Rome for the selection of the tiles found in the opulent Travertini Spa.

In the relaxing area of the spa´s neighboring fitness area there is, amongst other things, a captivating waterfall hidden in the molding loungers commissioned in France and back lit clothes hooks. The brass door handles at Travertini Spa were made in Sweden, the tiles of the swimming pool come from Spain and were processed in Germany, the brass switches were supplied from a Belgian company, bathroom facilities arrived by way of German suppliers.

The sauna in the Travertini Spa is constructed from Brazilian Abachi wood and poplar, which will not ignite even under intense heat. The model for the wine bar in front of the party room area was a luxurious London´s Gentleman’s club, and the floor is oak with wall decking from the Brazilian Rosewood Santos.

The model for the wine bar in front of the party room area was a luxurious London´s Gentleman’s club, and the floor is oak with wall decking from the Brazilian Rosewood Santos. All details in the Jacaranda pub including the Wine bar area are designed by Czech designer Mr. Richard Zachar.

The Labradorite from Madagascar works enormously well in all spaces, while the wooden elements commissioned by artisan cabinet makers embellish the room. The wine bar offers permanent optimal temperature. Lockable glass and wood cabinets hold up to 1800 bottles of wine safely and in ideal conditions.

The marble bar counter evokes the front grill of an antique Cadillac. The same exotic stone was used for the entertaining table and the high-performance loudspeakers take advantage of the particular acoustics of the space.

The front entrance is breathtaking. Just beyond its doors lies the original one hundred year old mosaic; the exceptional restoration was executed by Czech companies whose skill was proven during their restoration work on the National Theatre and Žofín.

Czech restorers are also behind the work of the numerous Art Nouveau frescoes on the interior walls of the entire residence; the effect is magical.

Both houses are connected by a corridor enabling the easy access, for all occupants, to the private below ground facilities, be they spa, party room or the soon to be completed parking areas.

The large solid crystal chandelier is built exactly according the other surviving crystal chandeliers illuminating the stairways; together with the exceptional mosaic and reliefs, this chandelier dominates the main entrance area.

All apartments in the Rivergate Residence have perfectly refurbished wooden floors, video phones and the infrastructure to add air conditioning, high speed Internet, cable TV, and so forth, but it is our clients, their dreams and fantasies that will complete the uniqueness of this great project.

Services and facilities

You are invited to take the stairs, perhaps on the way down, notice the original railings, their authentic cast-iron and gold decor; it’s truly extraordinary. On the first floor you are welcomed by our twenty-four hour reception desk, as well as the security camera system. The reception is on call to provide all the optional luxuries you may require, including party catering, flight reservation, limousine rentals, massages, house cleaning, even dog walkers.

Phenomenon of luxury simply stated is no compromise

The left bank of the Vltava, in an area between the Palacký and the Legie bridge, together with parts of the Old Town and Malá Strana, are the most desirable residential address in this historic city.

The Rivergate offers apartments as large as 600 m² (6500 sq ft) and many include secure, direct elevator access and high ceilings, indoor garage, private, exclusive spa and party areas on premises and attentive, courteous staff.


Across from the Rivergate Residence is the small island – Dětský ostrov. It is lush with trees including romantic weeping willows, and offers safe children play areas, a volleyball courts and a soccer field as well as a mini golf and skate board ramp.

Excellent private schools are conveniently nearby as are artisan food shops and a large shopping center for your day to day requirements.

If admiring the views from the many balconies, you will delight with the beauty of the National Theater, the majestic waterfront buildings of Masarykovo and Rašínovo nábřeží, the modernistic Dancing House and finally the ancient Cathedral of Vyšehrad, resting firmly on great cliffs overlooking the Czechs most cherished river, Vltava.

In addition, from several windows and terraces you can enjoy the view of the magnificently illuminated Prague Castle with the adjoining Petřín Hill and its funicular and miniature Eiffel Tower.